Grief makes you do crazy things

This is Myrtle. She’s a 1957, maybe 1956 (no-one is really sure because VIN numbers on something that is 62 or 63 years old are tricky) Airstream Caravanner. I bought her in May, on a whim, because $7500 impulse purchases always seem smart. My mom had just passed away in April, just 5 short months after my Dad passed away. This was retail therapy in a BIG way. Myrtle the Mid-Life Crisis.

For 4 years, I along with my sister, had been caring for our terminally ill parents on top of working full-time jobs. Dad had Alzheimer’s Disease and Mom had Parkinson’s Disease with dementia. Then bam, we lost both of them in short order, and I was lost. What do I do? Where do I go? Who am I? So I rode shotgun in a 15 passenger van with $7500 cash in my lap, on a 2 hour drive to buy Myrtle. Site unseen. Just some photos sent to me from a man I’d never met, in a city I’d never been to. We left Birmingham at 6:30 PM. On a Tuesday. 3 hours later we were hitching her up, dry rotted tires and all, and praying she would make it the 2+ hour drive back home. On a side note, friends who are willing to go on a crazy adventure with you are the BEST kind of friends. And if they’re willing to drive, KEEP them. At all cost.

So there we were, 2:00 AM, unhitching Myrtle and look for anything in my driveway we could use to secure her and make sure she didn’t roll away and crash into the house across the street. And that’s been about 6 weeks ago and she’s still sitting there. Because, well, I don’t really know anything about Airstreams. But I’m about to learn. How to refurbish them, how to tow them, and how to hit the road and live out of them for 3 months or more. With 3 dogs, a GoPro and a laptop.

Buckle up, even though I’m pretty sure there are no seat belts, and join me and Myrtle and our Mid-life crisis. #airstream #caravanner #midlifecrisis #adventure

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