Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

When people NEED a sign, they will find signs in the most random things. If they need that sign to push them to do something that scares them, they’ll find a sign. It can be a big reach, but they’ll find it. In just about anything.

Like dishes for instance. Vintage, Melamine dishes. Stay with me, because I swear I’m going somewhere, and it has everything to do with Myrtle. A couple of years ago I was deep in the throes of caring for Mom and Dad. It was all new and we hadn’t figured out the budget fully, and were still trying to get settled with good, dependable sitters. At that time I would get one fully free weekend a month. One glorious weekend of no responsibilities. But I had nowhere to go. I could check into a hotel. But that was stupid expensive. So I decided to buy a house. Are you starting to see a theme in my life? Get overwhelmed, spend a lot of money on somewhere I can only live part-time. But whatever. I digress.

So I bought a house. Then I had to buy stuff for the house. I was on eBay one night (more retail therapy) and I found this set of Vintage, Melamine dishes. I bought them. They were precious. White with accents of teal and avocado green.

Fast-forward two years and the loss of both Dad and Mom. I decided I wanted to travel, but I didn’t want to leave my dogs behind. The idea of buying an RV started forming and I started passively shopping. (Online. Again.) I saw an Airstream. I called the guy immediately but he had already sold it. He took my number and said he would call me if he found another one. 2 days later he called me. He already had another one and wanted to give me first dibs. He sent me exterior pictures. I was interested but I started getting scared. This was a big deal. I was talking with my sister about it when he sent me pictures of the inside. I nearly started hyperventilating. Myrtle had teal cabinet doors and an avocado green stove. That was my sign. I had to have her. Because of my Vintage, Melamine dishes.

I called the man and started a rambling story about how I had just lost my parents, but I had these dishes. And they were the exact same color, and I know you don’t know me but please I have to have this Airstream. Please don’t sell it until I can get there. I’m pretty sure he sold her to me because he was afraid I was unstable.

And that’s how I fell in love with Myrtle.

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