Myrtle Doodles

I got stuck. Really stuck. I had all these grand ideas and thoughts in my head for Myrtle. But I had no idea how to even start. If someone wants to tell me what to do….I can do that and do it well. But how on earth did a woman with no construction/renovation experience get an idea in her head that she was going to renovate an Airstream? I blame HGTV and all these do it yourself shows. But they didn’t make me take this leap. So that’s pretty silly of me. I kept putting it off.

Then last week I had no more excuses to postpone it. We had finished cleaning out Mom and Dad’s house so all the weekend time I had spent working there was all the sudden free. I WANTED to get started on Myrtle. I NEEDED to get started on Myrtle. But I was doing silly stuff. I was picking out paint colors and buying knick knacks to decorate. I was a 10-year-old girl planning her wedding with no real concept of what a wedding, or a marriage even really is. Stuck.

A good friend got me moving. They told me to measure Myrtle. See how much room I have for everything. And then draw it out. Put it on paper. The measuring part I was good with. But I’m no artist. I can’t draw. I like words. I’m good at words. Bad, bad, bad at numbers. And geometry… How on earth do I get a 3 dimensional dream on a 1 dimensional piece of paper? But I tried. I started to doodle. Myrtle Doodles my friend called them.

Nothing is to scale. Nothing much more than straight lines and ridiculously out of whack spaces and sizes. But it’s a start. And that’s all it takes. I can picture it now. I have an idea of where I want things to go. How I’m going to make the bathroom (a little) bigger. Where to put a table. I need to remove a shelf to make more room for sitting and storage. (I also became very thankful that I’m a pocket person and not going to need a lot of room to shower, because there REALLY isn’t going to be much room. )  This weekend we are getting started. With a little help from family, I am going to take the next step toward making my dream a reality.

I am sharing my laughable drawings with you to show that all you need is an idea. A little push. Not perfection.


#airstream #caravanner #midlifecrisis #adventure #myrtleandstephanie #myrtletheturtle #remodel #myrtledoodles #vintage #renovation #unstuck

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