And From Fort Payne, Alabama

This last week was really hard. It still is. And I don’t feel much like writing. So I hope you’ll indulge me and my little video blog from this past week.

Last Wednesday we closed on the sale of Mom and Dads house. 30 days from listing to closing. That’s pretty unheard of, especially when the buyer is doing a VA loan. But it happened. Maybe it was our reward for all the hard, trying times over the past few years.

But after the closing happened I was lost. I felt like it was finally really real. Like that was the end. And I hadn’t really said goodbye. We had just been busy, busy, busy. And I just couldn’t breathe. So I took a drive. And I ended up in Fort Payne, moms hometown, at Little River Canyon. (Don’t let anyone tell you Alabama isn’t a beautiful state. Just show them this video.)

So there I sat, terrified of heights, perched on a cliff looking over the canyon. And I heard racing footsteps. I jumped, my heart raced, and then this happened. I had 2 visitors. You only get to see 1. The other was camera shy and went back to sit at the trailhead and watch over us. ( it was the male dog. Make of it what you will, but I know what I choose to believe.)

So thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks for sending your angels to sit with me and watch over me and keep me company while I said goodbye. We’re going to be alright.

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Keeping Myrtle

I was standing in the shower when the words “Keeping Myrtle” popped into my head. I had shampoo in my hair, no contacts in my eyes, and an entire blog post started forming in my head. All I could think was I have got to get out of here and get these thoughts on paper before I lose them. I was in such a hurry I wrote blindly, not even bothering to take the extra 30 seconds to put my contacts in.

A friend asked me this past week “why are you so attached to her?”. And I said I don’t know. I just am. What makes us pick a friend? What makes us see a virtual stranger and just decide I pick you? You are going to be in my life and boom, you have a friend. It was the same concept. I saw her, I liked her, I picked her. Maybe I misunderstood her place in my journey. But I knew she was going to have a place in it somehow.

Surely you have all had a person, or people, come into your life and you think they are meant to fit into one set space. But after a little time you discover that they do fit, but in an entirely different space. Friend. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Guidance Counselor. Guru. Caregiver. Sounding board. Rock. All are needed and sometimes, on the surface, we see one thing. But when we start to get down to the bones of that person, we see the way they are truly meant to fit. That person who you thought was boyfriend potential is really meant to be your sounding board. The person you saw as a surface friend becomes your constant rock.

I don’t know what lies at the very heart of my connection with Myrtle. But I’m not giving up. I have to see why she was put in my path. I went so far as to post her for sale a couple of places. But when I started getting inquiries I couldn’t answer them. It made me hurt. You can roll your eyes at me if you need to. It won’t be the first time.

I even had a tree taken down in my back yard to make room for her to stay. Because sometimes you have to shift things around in your life, and in your heart, to make room for the people and the things that really matter. And she does. I just don’t know why yet.

Keeping Myrtle.

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Sometime you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains

Sorry Bull Durham for shamelessly stealing a line from your amazing movie. ( No, that isn’t sarcasm.) This isn’t a movie blog but seriously, one of the best movies. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Now. Myrtle and I can wait. We’ll be here when you’re done.

This week it rained. A lot. I was trying to come up with pretty words for another uplifting blog about family, and learning from loss, and moving forward. But I just don’t have those words today. Today I got rained out.

I had such high expectations all week for finally getting started on Myrtle renovations. My sister and brother in law came over today. Chris is my brother in law and he is a do it yourself person. He designs, he builds, he tears down, he fixes. If it can be done he can do it. But if he says it can’t be done, or it’s going to be more work than you thought, he means it. And today he saw Myrtle for the first time.

And it rained. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with Myrtle. She is beautiful. She is a classic. And she has so much potential. But she’s also a woman. Let’s be honest. Women can be A LOT of work. We need a lot of TLC. And Myrtle is no different.

We realized that I don’t personally have what it takes to renovate Myrtle the way she needs to be renovated. Especially working just on the weekends, with a deadline looming for hitting the road. So I have a decision to make. ( Believe me, nothing is keeping me from my dream of traveling the US with my dogs. ) Do I keep Myrtle as a long term project? Something to work on over time and see what I can do with her? Find another way to travel? Or do I sell Myrtle to someone who can really treat her like a lady and give her the love and attention she needs?

I need your input friends. Because today I got rained out. And I’m looking for another win.

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