Sometime you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains

Sorry Bull Durham for shamelessly stealing a line from your amazing movie. ( No, that isn’t sarcasm.) This isn’t a movie blog but seriously, one of the best movies. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Now. Myrtle and I can wait. We’ll be here when you’re done.

This week it rained. A lot. I was trying to come up with pretty words for another uplifting blog about family, and learning from loss, and moving forward. But I just don’t have those words today. Today I got rained out.

I had such high expectations all week for finally getting started on Myrtle renovations. My sister and brother in law came over today. Chris is my brother in law and he is a do it yourself person. He designs, he builds, he tears down, he fixes. If it can be done he can do it. But if he says it can’t be done, or it’s going to be more work than you thought, he means it. And today he saw Myrtle for the first time.

And it rained. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with Myrtle. She is beautiful. She is a classic. And she has so much potential. But she’s also a woman. Let’s be honest. Women can be A LOT of work. We need a lot of TLC. And Myrtle is no different.

We realized that I don’t personally have what it takes to renovate Myrtle the way she needs to be renovated. Especially working just on the weekends, with a deadline looming for hitting the road. So I have a decision to make. ( Believe me, nothing is keeping me from my dream of traveling the US with my dogs. ) Do I keep Myrtle as a long term project? Something to work on over time and see what I can do with her? Find another way to travel? Or do I sell Myrtle to someone who can really treat her like a lady and give her the love and attention she needs?

I need your input friends. Because today I got rained out. And I’m looking for another win.

#airstream #caravanner #midlifecrisis #adventure #myrtleandstephanie #remodel #bulldurham #sometimesitrains

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