And From Fort Payne, Alabama

This last week was really hard. It still is. And I don’t feel much like writing. So I hope you’ll indulge me and my little video blog from this past week.

Last Wednesday we closed on the sale of Mom and Dads house. 30 days from listing to closing. That’s pretty unheard of, especially when the buyer is doing a VA loan. But it happened. Maybe it was our reward for all the hard, trying times over the past few years.

But after the closing happened I was lost. I felt like it was finally really real. Like that was the end. And I hadn’t really said goodbye. We had just been busy, busy, busy. And I just couldn’t breathe. So I took a drive. And I ended up in Fort Payne, moms hometown, at Little River Canyon. (Don’t let anyone tell you Alabama isn’t a beautiful state. Just show them this video.)

So there I sat, terrified of heights, perched on a cliff looking over the canyon. And I heard racing footsteps. I jumped, my heart raced, and then this happened. I had 2 visitors. You only get to see 1. The other was camera shy and went back to sit at the trailhead and watch over us. ( it was the male dog. Make of it what you will, but I know what I choose to believe.)

So thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks for sending your angels to sit with me and watch over me and keep me company while I said goodbye. We’re going to be alright.

#sayinggoodbye #closure #visitingangels #momanddad #littlerivercanyon #myrtleandthemidlifecrisis

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