Comfort Food

I was on my way home from Dothan tonight, and I stopped at a gas station. I made a quick drive down to pay respects and give support to my best college girlfriend. She lost her husband over the weekend. He was 48. Way, way too young.

While I was in the gas station I saw a can of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup. I nearly spent $2.67 on a can I could buy at a regular grocery store for about half that. I wanted comfort food. I wanted to walk in my house when I got back home and make some red soup and a cooked up cheese sandwich. That’s what our Mom called it when we were growing up. Not tomato soup and grilled cheese. But red soup and cooked up cheese. And it stuck.

And I wanted it. But what I really wanted was comfort. There’s been too much loss lately. And no can of soup was going to give me that comfort. So I put it back on the shelf and headed on my way.

But thanks to that little diversion, I was able to witness this gorgeous sunset over an equally gorgeous pasture full of grazing cows. (You’ll have to take my word on that last part. I basically stopped in the middle of a 4 lane highway to take this picture. It was the best I could do.) But I got my comfort. I got some beauty. I got a huge smile on my face. And it didn’t cost me anything but just a little time.

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