Help Me Rhonda

Seems that I haven’t posted in a while. In a long while. I think maybe I was ashamed. Ashamed that I felt I had bitten off more than I could chew with Myrtle. Ashamed that I realized I was in over my head trying to refurbish her. Ashamed to say that I ended up selling her to someone who had the time and talent to give her the loving care she deserved.

I read a book by Brene Brown titled Daring Greatly. It is an amazing book about vulnerability, and shame. And how shame keeps us from being vulnerable and growing outside our comfort zones. So here I am. Unashamed. Speaking my vulnerability. I sold Myrtle. I bought a brand spanking new camper. One that will be safe and reliable while I’m on the road.

And oh yes. I’m still going out on the road. That was another thing that was a long time coming. Truth was I began to wonder if I was ever going to make it out there. But here we are, 2 days away from a week long vacation. And about 10 days away from hitting the road. I am scared to death. And I am so excited. I know no great things come from comfort zones. And it’s time to find that next great thing.

So buckle up. Sassy, Leroy, Lola and I are finally about to start this adventure. And the new camper? Well, I think I’m going to call her Rhonda. My parents loved music, and Help Me Rhonda just popped in my head the other morning when I was doing some work on her. And I know she’s going to help me.

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