Off the Grid

During this last week, I found myself off the grid. The day I was supposed to be leaving the Florida Keys, my debit card was compromised. Praise the Lord that I check my account daily (OCD) and that I bank with a Credit Union that gets that handled super fast. I decided to extend my stay in the Keys, and ended up at a site that was still rebuilding after the hurricane and had no WiFi. They basically had no cell coverage to speak of, and to stay in contact with the world, I had to leave my little island. Turns out I didn’t miss it much and didn’t want to leave my island, so I was off the grid.

During these few days I was able to spend time out on the water with new friends who had a pontoon boat and it was so calm and perfect. But I also lost my voice. Pretty funny if you think about it. Go incommunicado and end up losing your ability to speak. Kind of makes me think I was put off the grid on purpose.

The day I did end up leaving the Keys, I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to extend my time even longer, but I thought I really needed to head in the direction of home. I planned to go as far as Tampa, but what should have been a 4-5 hour trip took 7 hours because of road work and other road delays. I was seriously considering going back off the grid (thinking I should have just stayed) but I was only 15 miles from my destination and I felt like I was home free. Then a driver blew through an intersection and t-boned my car and swiped the camper too. (I’m fine and the dogs are fine, so don’t worry over that.) But that accident extended the drive another 2 hours and left me stuck with a limping vehicle and trying to get it driveable so I can make it back to Birmingham.

This has been an amazing trip and experience so far. This last week has just conspired against me quite a bit. And I know that’s how life works. I won’t let it stop me. And I won’t let it stop this journey. But it does make me want to stay off the grid. It’s quiet and peaceful there.

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