You’re Never as Far From Home as You Think

Saturday was my last day in Florida before I had to head back towards home to get my car repaired. I had already packed up my paddle board, but I had several hours before I had to check-out of my camp site, so I decided to rent a kayak to get just a little more time out on the water. (Also, my paddle board had dumped me the day before and I had seen 3 alligators, so there’s that too.)

I have kayaked before and I have to admit, I’ve never really understood the draw of it. I don’t love it. I have never found it enjoyable and could never really get the rhythm down, but I thought I’d try again. But as I was paddling, I found myself just absolutely fighting the wind and the water to make any headway. I was getting so frustrated and I was thinking I just don’t understand why anyone does this. So after about 40 minutes of frustrated paddling, I stopped. I sat there and was still and quiet. The song Peace Be Still started running through my head. “The winds and the waves shall obey His will”…

This isn’t a religious post, but a lot of the point of the journey I’m on is for me to find myself again. To learn to breathe and just be still. As I sat there, not fighting, just being still and breathing, the winds started slowly and gently turning me back in the direction I had started, back towards “home”. I let this happen, and when I finally started paddling again it was amazing how easy it was to go in that direction. I got in to a good rhythm. And I was truly surprised to see that I hadn’t even made it that far away with all my stubborn fighting. It was easy to make it back.

I guess my point is, you are never as far away from home, or your true self, as you think you are. If you stop fighting and being so bloody stubborn and in control all the time, and just sit still and breathe, you’ll find the journey is much easier. You’ll get pointed in the right direction. You are never too far away to make it back to where you really need to be.

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