So What Next?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked “so, what’s next?” in the past week or so that I have been stuck at home waiting for my car to be fixed. So many times that I’ve started to feel impatient. Everyone thinks you have to be DOING something, and working a 40+ hour week, and they just don’t get it.

See, I left and started these travels because I realized deep in my soul that there is no way we were created to just earn money, working jobs that don’t fulfill us, so that by the time we retire and can MAYBE enjoy that money, we are too old and too tired to do anything about it. I also started this because I have absolutely no clue what’s next. I stayed in a job that was definitely not what I was called to do for 6.5 years so that I could help care for my parents. I would do it again a thousand times over. But now it’s my time.

I have been calling 2019 my selfish year. I was listening to a podcast before I started traveling and they said something that really struck me. They said “whatever your gift is, your first customer is you.”. They quoted Frederick Beuchner “find that place where your deepest gladness and the worlds hunger meets.”. And I am not sure what my gift is. I’m not sure where my deepest gladness lies. But I do know that I need to be my customer right now. Selfish. I can always make more money. But I can’t make more time.

So, instead of continuing to sit with people who ask the question that assumes we all have to work and not enjoy life, and instead of moping about because my car is broken and I can’t pull my camper, I found an AirBNB at the beach that’s pet friendly. (Super huge score that it even has a fenced in yard!) And I threw a pair of flip flops, some shorts and my paddle board in the trunk of the rental car, loaded up the dogs, and headed to the sun and sand and salt again. Because I do know one thing, when I’m on the water and I’m out in nature, I can think and breathe. And maybe figure out what next.

But until I do, I’m going to continue to immerse myself in nature, stay active and live my life. The dogs don’t seem to mind where we are or what we do. As long as they are with me. Honestly, people should take lessons from them.

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