What If You Didn’t Know You Were Supposed to be Scared

Yesterday was a weird day. I woke up with plans to drive in to town, 30 miles away, and go to the gym. But I just couldn’t make myself do it. I knew I needed to do something and I remembered I have my running shoes with me, I’m signed up to do an 8K run in Canada in August, so I thought maybe I should start running a little bit again. It’s free and easy to do around here.

So I laced up my shoes and ran all the little streets in the RV Park. That ended up being 1.5 miles, and I finished with some plyometric exercises on the kiddie playground. (Never an excuse that you don’t have equipment.) Once I was finished I noticed that the water was pretty still for the first time in a few days, I knew we were supposed to get rain later, so I decided to grab my SUP and spend a little time on the water. I didn’t even change clothes. Just walked over in my running clothes.

It was super peaceful out on the water and I knew I had been missing that and noticed I started to relax. As I was paddling back to shore I was rewarded with seeing this beautiful stingray. (photo above from the inter webs because I hadn’t even bothered to take time to grab my phone or anything) I even said “oh, hello beautiful” at the time as she glided underneath me and out the other side of my board in the super clear water. I felt like it was my reward for getting out on the water and for getting some exercise in too.

Later, when the rain started, I decided to look up stingrays because I knew it was one, but I didn’t know what kind it was. I just knew I had never seen one that looked like this before. Let me just say, I am super glad I didn’t know then what I know now about this particular stingray. Turns out it is a Spotted Eagle Ray. And they are known to jump out of the water, on two reported occasions they have jumped into boats, and on one of those it killed a woman IN THE FLORIDA KEYS. Ok, I’m in the Keys. Craziness.

But my point is, I knew none of this at the time. I just knew I saw this beautiful creature in its natural environment. I wasn’t threatened at all and I just marveled at it. And watched it glide away. I didn’t know I should be afraid of it, so I wasn’t. I was just grateful for the experience. If society, and upbringings, and just life in general didn’t tell us we should be afraid of something, would we be? Are we born afraid of things? No, we are taught to be afraid of the hot stove, or the hissing snake, or failure.

Not that those aren’t scary bad things, but how many of our fears are learned or fabricated? I mean, I’m scared of heights, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t always. Someone or something taught me that heights are scary. I had super big fears about getting out on the road and being a solo traveler. But I decided my fear was unfounded. If I failed, I failed. But if I got in there in the middle, and made it through the uncomfortable scary part, I would be so rewarded by the beauty on the other side. And so far, I have been.

And in case you want to read about the stingray, the link is below.


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