The Blindside

The Blindside. A direction in which a person has a poor view, typically of approaching danger. In football, it’s generally the quarterbacks left side, as most are right handed, and he is protected there by the left tackle from approaching hits.

It’s kind of funny how we also say we have been blindsided, or sucker punched, when our feelings take a surprise hit. It’s such a real analogy though. Because we can be driving along, looking ahead, and a phone call or text message or email can arrive unexpectedly and the next thing you know you are doubled over and face down on the ground from the emotional hit. Blindsided.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. And I could feel all my armor going on. I could feel myself start to just block it out. Try to ignore it. Because my first thought was that life was saying hey, while you’re working through all your crap, let’s throw this on top of it too. But instead of going to all my old, unhealthy coping mechanisms, I reached out to two people. People who have held me up in the past and who could be counted on to let me spew my nonsense for a minute and help steer me in the right direction. And remind me to not let the old hurt steal my joy and the growth I’m experiencing right now.

My next thought was why do I have to be driving and not have my pen and notebook with me??? (Lesson to self, always carry these. You never know when you’ll need to work some things out.) But when I finally got back home, I got out my journal and made my notes on all the reasons that memory hurt me. So I could deal with the hurt. See the reality of the situation, and stand up straight and move forward.

And this morning I was up before dawn, watching the sunrise. And letting it fill my soul with possibility. And finally some peace.

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