Love Letters Straight to Your Heart

Every great love story has to stem from heartache somewhere, so you’ll forgive me if I give you a little back story. A hundred years ago when I was first married (not really a hundred, but you know what I mean) , my then husband and I lived in Tuscaloosa. He was in Grad school and working part time at a bike/outdoor shop. He loved to camp, and at that point I did not (irony), and one day he bought me a rain jacket. An Extra Large rain jacket. That’s how he saw me, and that lead to a host of body image issues that still haven’t completely gone away, and I HATED that jacket. It was huge and hot and didn’t do a good job of keeping me dry.

We’ve been divorced now way longer than we were ever married. And I still had that rain jacket. Up until about 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I found myself falling in love again. With life. With nature. With travel. With camping. With MYSELF. That’s right. This love story is about me finding myself. Seeing myself as I really am. And loving myself. I am not Extra Large. I am not too dumb to understand what you do for work. And I am strong and smart enough to buy a camper, fix things that go wrong, and camp all up and down the East Coast of the good old USA ALL BY MYSELF!!!

So do you know what I did when I hit Maine? When I wanted to go hiking and it was rainy and cold? I marched my butt to the LL Bean Outlet store and bought myself my own rain jacket. In a Petite Small. Because that’s what I am. Not an XL. And I was so happy with my jacket, with myself, and with my life right then, I took this picture to show everyone. I did it all myself.

This travel journey was supposed to end this week, and I am working my way back home to take on another great birthday adventure. (International!!!) But I’m not done traveling yet. I have more I want to see. More I want to fall in love with. And more getting to know myself to do. So, stay tuned. More adventures are coming. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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