Girl You Look Amazing

These are some of my people. My girls. My gym partners. My tribe. All strong women. All beautiful women. Different sizes, shapes, skin and hair color. And we all carry our individual insecurities with us daily. Demons we fight hard to overcome. Things we share with each other because when we speak about the “shameful” things, they lose their power.

Something has been bothering me for about a week and I finally decided to write about it. This doesn’t have anything to do with travel. But since I’ve been grounded the past couple of weeks with a knee injury, and since my last blog was about my history of body insecurity and past body shaming, I felt this was worth sharing.

For the past 2 weeks I have been seeing a sports medicine doctor about my knee. Sports medicine….let that sink in for a minute while you think about athletes. And how they come in all shapes and sizes. How they are all fit and active, but are hard to fit in to a neat box of how much they should weigh simply based on their height. And how this sports medicine practice sees athletes ALL DAY LONG.

After my first visit and before my follow up I received an email with some questions I needed to answer for my next appointment. Age, whether I drink, whether I smoke, etc. But then I got down to the question of what did your doctor say was your height on your last visit? I answered. And you guessed it. The next question was what did your doctor say was your weight on your last visit? And here’s the kicker. It didn’t allow me to input a weight. It gave weight RANGES…and the weight range I fell in to had a variation of 27 pounds!!! My weight was the very bottom number in that range, but I had no choice but to select it. (Side note, at only 5’3″, 27 pounds is a HUGE difference!) And do you know what the very next thing was that happened after answering the weight question? It sent me information it felt I needed to read on obesity and getting my weight under control.

Obesity? Obesity? Look at these women in this photo. None of us would ever, ever be considered obese if you see us, and watch how we train. But think about the damage something like that could do by being sent blindly out in to the universe without knowing the recipient. Body shaming… it’s very real. Body image issues are very real. And the mere mention of obesity can send a strong, intelligent individual into a tail spin of anxiety and stress.

Doctors, coaches, educators…we need to do better. We need to recognize individuals and treat them as they are. We don’t need to blanket judge them based on some antiquated index that says just because you are a certain height and weight you are obese. Stop the madness already.

And in case no-one has told you today:

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