Dear Humanity

Dear humanity, I’m categorically done with you.

When being a parent means you can’t be a friend because you “don’t want to confuse things”, then I clearly don’t understand friendship. Or parenting for that matter.

When making plans with a friend means you don’t actually have to show up, then I have been doing this friendship thing wrong all these years. When I was tired and didn’t want to show up, I guess it was ok not to. With no explanation.

When your word means nothing. When you hide behind social media, and your tiny little touch screen. When it’s ok to say whatever you want and act however you want because you are protected by the anonymity of a digital device… and people are expendable. And they aren’t even human to you… I just can’t. I’m going to the mountains and I’m not coming back.

When you present this amazing, loving, socially aware presence to the public, but can’t even answer the message from a friend who desperately needs your help, or your loving presence, or your listening ear, or just the grace to let them know they matter to you… Done.

What is wrong with us? Since when does it confuse our children to be friends with someone? Maybe we should rethink what we are teaching our children about friendship. We probably wouldn’t be as sad and lonely. Since when is it ok to leave a friend sitting eating chips and salsa for an hour and a half because you “fell asleep” and forgot? Maybe we should remember what it looks like to be responsible. We would probably have more meaningful friendships. The deep, get down into the nitty gritty kind of friendships.

We live in a society of deepening anxiety and depression and we question why. We tell people to let us know if they need anything, and then ignore them when they ask. And we wonder what is happening to society and our youth.

You know what’s happening? We are. Humanity. Or the lack thereof. So you know what? I understand the people who live off the grid. Who disappear into the mountains. No-one can hurt them there. Because humanity doesn’t live there.

And it clearly doesn’t live here either.

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One thought on “Dear Humanity

  1. I have to say that I agree with everything you’ve said here?! It’s so unfortunate, but when you find those cherished few people in your life who are always there, no matter what, good or bad, no excuses, no bullshit, and no “only when it works for them”, hold onto them with everything you have because unconditional love and friendship is so rare and should be appreciated and respected always! I’ve been through more disappointments in my life than I can keep track of anymore but the ones that have been the hardest to swallow came from some of the people I trusted and counted on the most in my life, that promised to always be there, but when it got difficult, they weren’t there either and I realized, they were evidently, never really who I thought they were to begin with?! Humanity is suffering and I hate to see the kind of example some of us are setting for our kids and the generations to come by the way so many people behave with utter and complete disregard for anyone but themselves so often! It’s really simple and my parents taught me this early on (The Golden Rule), “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If more people remembered how important this is, our society (and humanity) would be a much more pleasant place to be a part of!


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